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Nothing to Fear

Nothing to fear
Courage is here

No you
No me
Nothing to see

No us
No them
No separation again

No how
No why
No understanding cry

Not here
Or there
Not anywhere

No mountain high
No valley low
Nowhere to go

No need to hold on
Love is bold
Love is strong

Take a leap
There is nothing to keep

Let go of fear
Courage is here.


Just hold on,
Take the ride.
It has some ups and some downs,
Twists and turns.
Your stomach will tighten
And then you will shout with delight.
Hold on.
This is life,
Full of glorious surprises
And all the rest.
It never slows down.
There is no rest.
This is life.
If you trust,
If you believe,
If you let go,
You will find the knot loosen,
The twists not so sharp,
The turns becoming gentle bends,
A rest in sight,
Euphoria within reach.
This is life.

Fragile man
Where do you come from?
Fragile man
Where are you going?
Standing still
With a heart made of glass
Ready to break
It can never last.

Fragile man
Why do you weep?
Does your heart of glass
Cut too deep?

Fragile man
Don’t be afraid
Let your heart break into a thousand pieces.
Rid yourself of the sharp edges.
Enter the soft darkness
Feel its warmth.
Feel its possibility.
Feel its freedom.

Fragile man
In darkness you can let go
of all the sharp edges
Of the cuts and the pain.
In darkness you are alone.
In darkness you are one
Fragile man
You are whole again.